I am afraid of mushrooms. Some might say irrationally so, but the fact remains that I will freeze in fear if you put a mushroom near me.One time my friend Kasey put a mushroom on my plate and I started hyperventilating. Talk about being a sweating, red in the face, on the verge of vomiting mess – all and all a lovely lunch date. I once found a mushroom halfway through eating a bowl of lo mein and my throat started closing! Ah, that’s not true, but I was sure death was upon me.

Anyway, my unfortunate struggle with mycophobia, is not what makes me an awkward person adult. No, no, no that stems from a long and tortured childhood… okay that’s not true either. The fact is, I’m not really sure what makes me so awkward. But what I am sure is that I love it.

My name is Kristen, and you’re in for a wild, if not slightly embarrassing, ride while reading this blog. It’s gonna be a little strange, and a lot awkward, but it’s gonna be fun.

I know there are more of you out there. Let’s get weird.


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