Clearly holding the Texas flag is an overwhelming task, because it’s so AWESOME.

When I was asked to make this bio I initially thought, “Yeah, I can totally do that.” and sat down to play the Sims for three straight hours – completely ignoring the idea for two weeks.

That, in a nutshell, explains me SO well.

I like to think I’m a charming West Texas girl that totally has her life together. When the reality is that I’m actually still mentally in college and don’t have the slightest idea of how to act like a post-graduate “adult.” Every so often I’ll catch myself on the drive home from work having mini panic attacks that I haven’t studied enough for an imaginary exam – when I haven’t even had a test in well over a year.

What they don’t teach you in college is that you never really feel like you’re an adult until they throw you out into the real world to fend for yourself. This stage of awkwardness is where you really learn to be an adult. (See what I did there!)

For the most part, I enjoy sitting at home binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, watching hours of youtube videos, selling my soul to my local Sephora/Ulta stores (seriously I visit every week), exploring my city with good friends, eating great food, making pun jokes, reading (when I get in a reading mood), going to concerts, hanging out with my boo thang and laughing till my abs hurt with my best friends.

If you take anything out of reading Awkward Adults, it’s that I want you to know that you’re not alone. Whether you find us amusing or feel the same way – Awkward Adults is here to listen to all those cringe-worthy moments and let you know we’re all in this awkward stage of adulthood together! *cue High School Musical*

What the critics say of Pam:

“Pam is witty, charming, sweet and honest – maybe a little too honest. She is the kind of person who truly values honesty and makes an effort to give you constructive criticism. For example, she is always the first person to tell me that my hair looks “like an oily bird’s nest” or that my feet stink “like a NFL locker room.” Normally, comments like that would destroy my self-esteem but her remarks hurt less because they come from the heart (I hope). All (semi) joking aside, Pam is truly a wonderful person. She has definitely changed my life for the better, and if you ask any of her friends they will say the same thing.”
– Brandon, Pam’s boyfriend and self-proclaimed spiritual advisor


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