Weekend Warriors: A Night Out With The Awkward Adults

This week’s Collab is dedicated to those nights where we’re all reminded why we are friends with certain people. The nights when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you’re extremely happy to be surrounded by like-minded people, that will sing along to Beyonce or dance away from accidentally photobombing a stranger’s picture.

A typical night out for our little trio starts off like this:

Getting ready:
Pam: So I think we have a similar pattern, we’re very hyper about the fact that we get to hang out together and we’re usually listening to some sort of Spotify playlist. We’re not the typical “get ready in high heels while pregaming vodka shots” girls, we just like to talk about anything under the sun and listen to music.

Kristen: Pregame. Very Important. Normally it’s a few beers; if we’re in a hurry a shot or two, but definitely necessary in going out to deal with the masses who are not. on. our. level. (Pam: When have we pregamed??) (Kristen: Fine – I always pregame.)

IMG_4939 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

This is a result of pregaming before the wonderful Wurstfest. We sang this song over and over, our harmonies are what I believe some would say, “on point”.

Takin’ the Town by Storm:

Ale: We are a threesome (Pam: non sexual)(Ale: I thought about putting that!) that loves to dance and sing very loud in route to our next adventure. We tend to drink lot’s of cider and tequila until epic moments occur. The best way to describe us would be in phases:

  1. Beers. Always beers. (Ale: Unless this is a SXSW Yahoo! party, then wine, all the wine).
  2. We hear a song we love, or all know and we nod. Or dance. Depending on the level of buzz we got going on. (Kristen: Unless you’re me. I’m always ready to dance.)
  3. Night goes on. Epic dance moves and singing begin. Whether it’s TSwizz, Aly & AJ or Whitney Houston, some tremendous high notes and ballads happen that should be presented for everyone to see (Ale: or at least that’s what I think when I am engulfed in the tune).

Pam: When we drink, I think we start off like any normal group of girls. (AKA lots of cider/beer)Then when we start drinking more, come the shots…

Kristen: “Did you say $1 shots? Pam he said $1 shots. Let’s go” So terrible but so cheap.

When we get our buzz on:

Dancing. Singing. Serenading. Repeat. (Kristen: Yasssss the singing. So many great memories. Or more like so many videos that result in “Ohhhh yeah! I forgot we did that.” I will never forget us drunkenly singing Potential Breakup Song into the wee hours of the night. #IWANNAGOBACK)

Pam will get hyper, then sleepy. (Pam: Alcohol has the worst effect on me ever. Instead of making me hyper it just slows me down. I think I need to constantly be moving in order for it to work it’s magic. NEED TO GET THOSE DANCE PARTIES STARTED.)
Kristen will start chatting with everyone, mostly the bouncers, and run away. (Kristen: I know deep down they want to be talked to by another random drunk girl. I’m doing them a service really.)
And Ale, well, Sandy (Pam: explain Sandy) (Ale: Sandy is my drunk alter-ego who likes to dance like a big booty hoe and think her shit don’t stink, more explanation will happen in a later post) (Kristen: Sandy is my faveeeeee. Did we name my alter-ego?) likes to dance to rap music. And Snapchat….a lot (Kristen: Next day snapchat review is the best).

For example take a look at these videos:


IMG 4977 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4976 (1) from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4975 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4973 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

Last Call: 
The night will end with us telling each other how awesome we think we are as a trio. We will say how much we love Austin and that particular night.

Occasionally, there will be a late night food run to soak in all the booze. Either Jimmy John’s or Taco Cabana will suffice.

And go our separate ways.

Next morning we will group chat, Snapchat, and voice message each other complaining about how that extra shot or beer was not a good choice. And the hangover is so real. (Kristen: We all know how I feel about hangovers.)

Hangovers and good memories aside, nights like these are always a fresh reminder of why we are friends. Everyone needs that night where they’ve had a little too much to drink and a whole lotta fun. Let your hair down loose this weekend and go grab a drink with your friends – or maybe 10.

Peace n’ Blessins,

The Awkward Adults

When life gives you lemons, you sometimes wish for limes because they go better with tequila

Snapchat--2672837582882681986Alternatively named: the process of an all-day hangover.

Step 1:  Participate in an all night rager.  Well technically in my case it wasn’t an all night type of deal. It normally isn’t. I tend to be promptly in my bed by 3:00 – 3:30 AM, which yes I know in typical fashion is considered pretty late, but I used to work at a bar and so this is just an hour or so past closing time ( feel free to hum semisonic for the rest of the blog post).  But no, this was not some full throttle Project X type of ordeal. In this instance it was more like two poorly timed tequila shots. Feel free to switch the song in your head to 0 to 100 because that’s how most of my nights seem to end up.

Step 2: Wake up immensely confused. Not in the sense of holy shit where am I? But more like: Why did I do that again, or why is my computer so close to my face, or why does my arm hurt in that spot specifically?

Step 3:  Try and remember what happened the night before. Which immediately leads to…

Step 4: Try and go back to sleep. Step 3 can be revisited at a later time. Hopefully, well after several cups of coffee.  Step 4 can be tricky for many reasons. 1. Do I have to work? Because I have had the misfortune of making yet another terrible mistake like turning up on a Tuesday then yeah, Step 4 is not an option for me.  2. Sometimes my head hurts too much for me to go back to sleep and I’m promptly pushed into the next part of my day.

Step 5: Find water. This does not sound like a hard task. I know. But sometimes finding the will to pull myself out of bed and over to the nearest source of water is the last thing on my mind. Cotton-mouth be damned.

Snapchat-20141130031938Step 6: Forget water and guzzle down coffee. No real explanation needed.

After this step, my day can go a couple of different ways. The fog in my head will lift and I become a regular, or as close to it as I ever come, functioning adult.  It really depends on the type of hangover I wake up to.

Sometimes I just wake up confused, like there’s cotton in my head or something. Plus I always feel a few steps behind everyone else and incredibly slow in understanding things. Try doing a phone interview like this. I D I O T.

I feel like the most popular hangover experience is waking up hungover. But even worse than the immediate “wake-up you’re hungover” is the “surprise! It’s three hours into your day and now you’re furiously ready to puke everywhere.”

I hate it! I feel bamboozled by my own body.  I wake up feeling victorious because I’ve escaped a hangover finally. Then the symptoms slowly creep in. A little twinge of pain in my head here,  a questionable gurgle in my tummy there,  then like a damn freight train to the face, hello full blown hangover. Like I don’t have plans or something.

I’ll be honest. I’m hungover a lot. It’s nothing I’m particularly proud or ashamed of, just a matter of fact. I figure most people go through their stage of drinking/partying all the time when they are in college.  I didn’t get to do that! My first two years of college I lived at home, and when I went to university, I was not in those partying circles, mostly due to the fact that my closest friend was a few years older than me and totally against that type of living. Bring on the board games.

The sad thing of it all, is I have yet to find a decent hangover remedy. I’ve looked online, called my seasoned partying friends and family and asked them for advice; I haven’t really found one thing that works.  Some of them don’t work at all!

Most importantly I’d like to congratulate myself for finishing something as eloquent as this </sarcasm>, while hungover. You’re welcome internet.

Peace out,