Hello, It’s me…

FullSizeRenderAugust 5th. That’s the last time I posted something. Holy s(censored: my mom reads these!). It’s a gloomy, chilly, rainy day here in Austin. And the first go at this sounded like something a brooding heartthrob in a YA novel would journal about. A quick excerpt:

I’m sitting here, staring out at the grey skies and trying to think of what to write – what to share. I’m caught up in remembering why Ale, Pam and I started this blog, what we wanted to achieve–

Nah, ain’t nobody got time for that. Guys, I cleaned off my desk for this, so pay attention. I know it’s been awhile, sorry about that. But …We’re back! Well… mostly. Anyway. I guess you want some sort of explanation? No? Well you’re getting one any way. A lot has happened since August 5th.

  • I got a promotion
  • My roommate got a promotion
  • My best friend got a promotion
    • (look at my squad, y’all)
  • Discovered X Ambassadors
    • (but please stop playing Renegades everywhere. It’s not that great)
  • Started eating healthy
  • Stopped eating healthy
  • Swore off Fireball
    • Had several shots of fireball since
  • Started drinking less coffee
    • admittedly, I’ve had three small cups today
    • and i bought 4 new coffee mugs
  • Started sleeping more
  • I lost like 15 pounds
    • Correction: I lost like 15 pounds and you can’t really tell
  • I started kickboxing
  • I stopped kickboxing
  • Learned that having long hair means occasionally chewing on it by accident
  • Fell in love with a Podcasts host
  • Joined a wine club
  • Deleted Tinder
  • Looked for a new apartment
  • Found a new apartment
  • Wrote a bunch of nonsense that none of you will ever read
    • never
  • I got bangs again
  • Read the Martian
  • Boycotted Matt Damon*
  • Went to a few concerts
  • Fell in love with the entire firehouse across the street

So yeah. Clearly I’ve been busy! But! I’ll start from the top.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about new beginnings or something like that, that went on about jobs and finding a job that you liked and such, blah, blah. Well I’m happy to say I found it. I found a great spot where I am happy and healthy and loving what I do. Apparently they like me too and decided that I should have more things to do. I’ll take it!

More of those work things, unfortunately meant less time for my beloved blog. Wait for the single shed tear… but in all seriousness. It’s pretty great.

On to the next one. AND BEFORE YOU EXIT OUT OF THE POST, I am not going to talk about all of these. Geez calm down.

So yeah, my roommate got a promotion and it’s awesome. I’m so happy for her and she deserves all of it! But…  I’m freaking out a bit.

Around 8 years ago, I met this girl in line at a Mayday Parade concert. Okay so technically I was eavesdropping and basically kept inserting myself into her conversation with her friend. Who knew I was so rude? Anyway, it paid off because after that we became Myspace friends! We kept in touch, went to a bunch of concert together. And then six years ago we got an apartment together and now she’s one of my best friends, actually more like family. “IT’S THE END OF AN ERA”, they say (I’m sure someone said it). “What are you going to do?” they ask. “How do you like living alone?” Well, my friends. I don’t like it one bit.

Sure, I get to clean up whenever I want, I don’t feel bad about leaving my coffee mugs around, and the AC has not gone below 75 degrees. But I’ve realized a few things about myself.

1) I don’t like being by myself. Like even if we’re on different sides of the apartment and I have no intention of leaving my room to go and talk to someone, I like the idea of having them around!

2) Even though my roommate didn’t drink, and more so watching me dance like an idiot in my infamous one-woman-dance parties, it’s a lot less fun to turn your living room into a dance club when there’s no one there to laugh at you when you trip over the ottoman cube or silently judge you into not having that third glass of wine.

3) I’m terrified of a lot of things. I’ve always known this about myself, but damn, there’s nothing like walking into an empty apartment and then suddenly thinking there’s someone hiding behind your curtains. NOT GOOD.

So yeah, being alone sucks. I’m not really surprised by this. Coming from the person who practically forces people to be friends with her ( I DON’T SEE THEM COMPLAINING THO), there’s no doubt that I would want someone to share my space with.

I have three more months of solitude ahead, so anything could happen. *Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen fades in*

I could learn to love it.

I could continue to hate it.

I could get a cat.

But for now, I’m just gonna dance it out.

See you guys next time.
*Still boycotting Matt Damon. Anyone want my 7 copies of the Bourne Identity?

Becoming a Cameleon: Adapting to Change

First off I want to apologize for the lack of attention to this over the past couple months. If you have stuck around waiting for new posts from your favorite trio, I can confidently say WE’RE BACK! And things will be a little different but ever so awkward. So as I dust off my keyboard get ready to be informed of big things that happened in the past month or so.To put into perspective what my life has been focused around lately: I opened my personal computer for the first time and kept putting in my work password for a good 20 minutes. *insert eye roll emoji here* When working in retail leading up to and around the holiday season, your life is consumed by work and planning to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. I am happy to get back into my “me” time on Saturday mornings at my favorite local coffee shop. So get ready AA-ers your once blonde-turned redhead is ready to give you emotional and trying-hard-to-be-witty posts. __________________________________________________________________________



Unfortunately,  this theme has been something in the forefront of my life for as long as I can remember. As much as I always say “Embrace it! It makes you unique and have character!” It’s hard when all aspects of your life change in one day. It makes you sit back and go “Hold on, how am I going to handle this?”

Let me explain. (PREFACE: I will say poop a lot, and like a 3 year old I still chuckle. Just an FYI!)

For anyone who is close to me, they are aware that medical issues come hand in hand with the territory. An “Ale-ism” perhaps. From major jaw surgeries, chronic pain in my hips, lady issues, the list goes on. It is a checkbox short of a laundry list. So when I started to have issues with my stomach a few years back, I honestly played the ignorance card. I chalked it up to being lactose intolerant, or honestly being poop shy. TMI (sorry fellas). I was literally fulfilling the stereotype of women not pooping. And it was miserable. Just imagine going 3 weeks without anything happen, 3 WEEKS! For a person who lives to eat, life was pretty shitty (Okay I had to throw that in there, bowel jokes done!). I won’t go into the gory details but let’s just say it’s not fun. I had to cave and go to the doctor.

I had the worst experience with him. I got the impression he thought I was bluffing and not really having these issues. I had seen a doctor in the past and he suggested I do a series of tests, but I was too nervous. So fast forward 3 years and I am telling my new doctor all the details. He said he knew it was just IBS with constipation but just to check things off we were going to do those tests. So going into the tests I thought I was being over dramatic.

The tests included:

  1. Taking a pill with…wait for it….24 PLASTIC THINGS IN THEM THAT TRACK HOW IT WOULD MOVE THROUGH MY COLON. GUYZ. I HAD PLASTIC IN MY COLON FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! I went back over the course of 6 days and none of them had left my body. So I bet there is still a little plastic nugget hanging out watching Netflix in my colon right now. I try to not think about it because it weirds me out. First red flag something wasn’t normal.
  2. Second test was the blood work. Nothing crazy there. Except blood and I are not best   friends. But I survived and they came back normal.
  3. Finally, the worst test of them all. A colonoscopy. Let’s take a moment of silence to anyone who has gone through this. *30 second silence* It was the worst. Imagine drinking a gallon of flat, salty, lemon lime water, and camping out in the bathroom until 3AM. Everyone has to do it, but man, it’s a ROUGH time. My momma is the best and came out to be with me during this. And when I explain what the outcome was I am SO grateful she was. No one else can take care of me like she can. I don’t care how old I am my mom is the only one I want to see when I wake up from being put under. Hands down.

Waking up from the procedure is honestly very blurry, but a procedure that is supposed to last an hour, only took 15 minutes before he realized what was wrong with me. In my dazed state of mind I heard a mixture of “test failed” “twisted colon” “high fiber diet” “elongated colon” “worse comes to worse we will remove the colon” — HOLD THE PHONE. Remove my colon! I freaked and started hysterically crying. (This is typical when I wake up from anesthesia, but I think this time was a little different)

Let me provide a backstory:

When I was 4 years old I was in the hospital for a little bit due to colon issues. I remember vividly tons of tests being done, eating Jello 24/7, and peeing the bed a lot. The doctors told my parents I had an elongated colon, and the reason I was having all these issues was due to a lactose intolerance. So limit lactose and BAM! All will be fixed. Well 20 years later, I find out I am not lactose intolerant (GIVE ME ALL DA QUESO!) but now my colon has twisted into itself, hence never going to the bathroom. The mood swings, bloating, skin issues, EVERYTHING was due to this.

My mom started to cry with me when she heard this and blamed herself. I think that broke my heart the most. My parents have done so much for me my whole life that blaming them for ANY of this was absurd. They may have known, but the doctors gave them a solution. I was very conscious about my dairy intake and I thought all was well.

My life most certainly changed that day. Now I’m one of those people asking a million questions at restaurants seeing if whole wheat or grains are an option, subbing fries with a salad, and making sure I am getting about 30g of fiber a day. Let me tell you, that is A LOT of fiber. I am on 4 different types of medication and I track everything I do in my life. I am trying to untwist my colon through a healthy diet and exercise. I am trying so very hard to have surgery be the last resort. I do not want my number of surgeries to go up to 8 or 9. I am too young and refuse to let this defeat me.

I am very conscious now of what I put in my body. I am limiting eating out, and drinking beer (sad day!) and overall being aware of what my body is telling me. I fell off the path a little bit when I was in Austin, and I have been sick all week. So now when that happens, I notice it. I realize that I am doing this to make sure that the extreme is a distant memory. 

I can 100% say I have never felt better. Eating healthy isn’t awful, the recipes are fun and experimental. Who knew sweet potatoes would be something I crave daily? And kale isn’t THAT bad. I am lucky that I have family and friends who have been helping me and being there for me. Fingers crossed when I go in January that it is untwisted and things are great! I am determined to never feel like that again. And like I said surgery is not an option, nope not happening.

So here’s to a change. A change in my life that was needed and is being embraced to the fullest.

Stay healthy AA-ers,


My So Called Personal Brand

The Internet is the best/worst thing that has happened to the 21st century. When I think about the Internet in reference to my life there are not many memories that do not have it being a prominent factor for different milestones.  I mean come on I work on a website now, my life revolves around the internet.  As pathetic as that is, the Internet and social media are in the forefront of almost everyone’s lives. Conversations and social settings are filled with people trying to get the best Instagram picture with the coolest filter, or tweeting something clever enough to get retweeted by your favorite star (I am 100% guilty of this so no judgement).

There’s an app out there called Timehop. The point of this app is to look at all of your social media accounts over the years. It essentially gives you constant #tbt material to put out for the world to read. Remember how you used to post a Facebook status like “is tiredddddddd” or an Instagram of a Blueberry Cobbler from Salt like 5 years ago? Okay maybe that was just me, but now thanks to Timehop I am continuously reminded of the dumb things I put out there forever.

Last week I saw a status I posted 6 years ago about my mom. My mom and I had a very complicated relationship when I was in high school. I know a lot of teenagers go through the angsty teen years where their parents are “seriously the worst” *queue the eye rolls* but ours was a little different from that. I was malicious and relentless with making life for her something she hated. Seeing that status on my Timehop made me cringe. I put it out on there for the whole world to see that I hated my mom. And it lives out there. Forever. I understand that you grow up and the things you did 6 years ago do not make you who you are, but now that the Internet exists it is a constant reminder of the person you used to be.

Let’s just say, I am not overly excited about how I have represented myself over the past decade. All I can think about is how thankful I am Instagram and Snapchat were nonexistent when I went through my rebellious stage in high school. Unfortunately there are pictures on Facebook somewhere of me ontop of a counter with my shirt pulled up exposing my belly ring because I thought I was CoOoOoL. In this day and age those little things can make or break your future, which is so scary to think about. I cringe when I see people posting pictures of their beers or drugs, because this is your brand. Put out there what you want the world to know about you. Now I know I do not use my social platform to the potential I could. But I think it is something to consider, to be conscious of, when remembering the future of my personal brand. My reputation on the Internet.

This blog is a big step to put out there what I want the world to know about me. I am breaking down my wall to give the world my thoughts, passions, and opinions.

This is the future of my personal brand, I am in control and will make it what I want.

Be mindful AA-ers,
– A

Get the London Look…or Something Like It


this was a joke picture i sent to my mom because i liked my makeup. best one i could find of a full done face!

BEAUTY BLOGGERS RUN! Just kidding. But seriously, I am in no way claiming myself as a beauty connoisseur. One may call me an admirer, fan, amateur, but in no way am I here to say I’m expert to answer all your beauty questions.

My previous post talked about the wedding I was apart of and I was able to do some of the bridal party and the bride’s makeup. Over the past two years makeup and beauty have become something I care a lot about. I have been asked recently by friends and family what I use and how I apply certain things. Well readers, I am here to give you the deets. No way am I sponsored by these (because obvi, but I would gladly accept). It’s just my humble opinion on items I thoroughly enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.24 AM     Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.16 AM


I am a Lush addict. So I always moisturize with their moisturizer Celestial, which smells amazing and makes your skin feel like buttah.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.31 AM



This primer was suggested to me by a lady checking out at Ulta and I have so far been very pleased with her recommendation. The next month I got a sample of it in my *IPSY* (which if you haven’t subscribed for IPSY yet you’re missing out) and I feel like it was meant to be. Try it out peeps it works wonders!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.38 AM



This foundation powder is the greatest and has had the best coverage for my skin. I recently changed to this and I do not think I will ever go back. It may be a little pricey, but it’s lasts me a very long time!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.45 AM



Once again, I switched over  to Mac coverage and this stuff covers up EVERYTHING. I tend to get dark circles under my eyes, and I HATE it. This lightens up under my eyes and covers any blemishes that may pop up. I apply concealer after foundation just to cover up what the powder couldn’t.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.08 AM


Thanks again IPSY for opening my eyes to the greatness of this bronzer. I hate looking orange, and for the LONGEST time I could not find a bronzer that gave me a golden hint but not enough to be overly noticeable. This fit my beauty needs to a T.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.15.06 AM



IPSY can take all the credit for a lot of my beauty habits. This blush is the perfect shade of pink. And the shimmer that it gives me is the right amount of rosy for the day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.26 AM


$54.00 each

I don’t think I’m the only one who loves the Naked Palette’s. The color combo for the Naked and Naked 2 are perfect for me. I am a person who does more neutral tones with some shimmer, so the variety between these two meets everything I would need.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.34 AM



This applicator I have found is the easiest and gives me the perfect line across my eye. Liquid liner used to terrify me and after lots of practice I can only wear it. Gives you that smooth line and with different pressures you get a more dramatic or a perfectly subtle pop to your eye. Love love love this!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.41 AM



GUYZ. This is the one I have to rave and rave about. I get asked daily how I get my eyelashes so full and long when I really don’t apply too much mascara. THIS STUFF IS IT. It goes on white and attaches to your lashes and make them look fake every time. Let’s just say I have applied this to friends who have essentially no lashes and POOF they were full and luscious in no time. If you take anything from this post get this, it’s worth every penny. Apply *MAC EXTENDED PLAY MASCARA* and you are golden! I stand by this combo, so go get it!

Final touch you always need a fun lip. I never leave for a night out without a red or dark red lip. During the day I usually just wear lip balm and keep it simple. These are my recommendations for those sassy-red lip-classic things you all like:



*J.CAT WONDER WONDER LIP PAINT*-The only problem with this is that it gets MESSY but a little goes a long way!-

Okay readers that’s all I got for ya! My first recommendation would be to go subscribe to IPSY and get some samples of products. I am advocate for this company and what they have done to step up (and care about) my beauty game! It has done wonders for the past 2 years.

Stay cool (and beautiful) kids,

So in Love…with CO.

Hello old friend. Sorry I’ve neglected you for the past couple weeks, but I’m back! With a #tbt piece that has me having all the feels.

In the past month and a half I have traveled all over the US, living life and letting sleep be on the back burner. Dazed and confused the past few days, I had a chance to reflect on what I have done. I came to the conclusion that I have been celebrating so much LOVE amongst my friends, and it has been eye opening.

Particularly, the second weekend of August. I’ll explain:

Over a year ago, I was hanging out with one of my best friends from high school.

This friendship is one that is very important to me on so many levels. This little lady was the person who was there when I was going through the hardest year of my life. She encouraged, supported, and led me to understand what it truly means to have faith. Our friendship is not a best friend, talk everyday, friendship; she is my sister. So to continue…

I had just moved back to the Midwest and we were chatting in her parents kitchen (a past time we love dearly). As we dove deeper into our life milestones and thinking about the future, she dropped a bomb on me. My little Scuttle had found the love of her life. I was informed that they had been dating not that long but she just knew. His passion for missions and traveling was similar to hers so seeing her light up chatting about this new relationship made my heart happy for her.

Fast forward to the day I got a text of the most precious ring and engagement. Planning and getting ready for the day began immediately.

Now in reference to my title, she got married in Colorado. A destination wedding with the most perfect setting. Estes Park, CO. Before this trip I had never been to Colorado but had always wanted to explore the mountains and experience everything that so many people had raved about.

The pictures below represent my weekend there which consisted of laughter, hiking uphill, lavender lattes, gluten free dinners and the most perfect memories to celebrate their love:

IMG_4648 IMG_4629 IMG_4645 IMG_4654 IMG_4659 IMG_4653IMG_4686

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


It was such a breathtaking day and weekend that coming back to reality was a rough one. Seeing one of my oldest, and dearest, walk down the aisle brought tears to my (and everyone else’s) eyes.

Love is in the air peeps. A person who is apprehensive to catch the love bug, saw true love unite and it sparked the potential fever to be open for whatever comes my way.

Just a happy gal over here ready to take on the next season of my life, whether alone, or with my future life partner. Only time will tell!

Stay cool (and in love) kids,


Females are Strong as Hell!

Alternatively titled: A great reason to explain why Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.

Last week when I was out for drinks with Kristen, we discussed the top 5 women we wish we could be best friends with. We each took a couple of minutes to think about it and explain why each lady on our list was important. This is something I’ve been thinking about ever since we had the conversation – naturally I had to blog about it so I can explain to you guys about why I love these women so much and how they’ve impacted me as a person.

Natalie Portman
There isn’t much to explain here, I’m pretty confident when I say Natalie Portman seems like she would be the coolest person to hang out with. She’s an amazing actress, she gets to film movies with some of the hottest actors in the biz (I’m looking at you Ashton Kutcher and Chris Hemsworth) AND I spent most of my college years quoting her rap. Natalie, you are a bad-ass bitch.

Do I even have to explain this one? I would love to wake up someday and have as much power, beauty and money as Queen Bey. Also, I’m really curious to see if she does in fact wake up ***Flawless. Or if in reality she’s like the rest of us and wakes up like Anna from Frozen.

This is something I’d easily be able to witness if I was her best friend. We would hang out all the time and have sleepovers where I’d help her make low-budget yet iconic music videos while Jay-Z takes care of Blue Ivy. Because we all know Jay-Z would have babysitting duties while B and P run this town. (That has SUCH a ring to it. Move OVER Taylor and Karlie.)

beyonce crazy in love

Jennifer Lawrence
I am so insanely jealous of how effortlessly cool Jennifer Lawrence seems. I bet she’s one of those friends I can call up if I wanna have a lazy, eat-pizza-while-binge-watching-Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer kind of days. Then we’d go party at a music festival while hanging out backstage with all of our rockstar friends.

It surprises me that the entertainment industry is baffled by this young actress that acts like a normal 25 year old. It’s refreshing to see someone call it like it is – say they’ve spent an entire day getting ready for an event  and complain about how hungry they are. In reality anyone would be starving and cranky if they were her! I would be so hangry I’d probably force Ryan Seacrest to order me a pizza and not keep my cool at all when it got delivered.

jennifer lawrence gif

Katy Perry
Katy freakin’ Perry. It’s giving me goosebumps just thinking of how amazing it’d be to be besties with my favorite pop star. When I first found out about Katy and that one little single she put out, I immediately followed her Tumblr where she would post updates via Vimeo. It was great to see her make her way into the spotlight and show the world what an amazing artist she is. After getting a sense of her personality and becoming obsessed with her songs I knew I was going to be a KatyCat for life.

Can you image all the laughs we’d share while sitting in a cat cafe? I bet we’d spend hours watching cat video after cat video or talking about all the important pop culture moments and music we missed because of our childhoods. (We’re both on different sides when it comes to this. She had a sheltered upbringing because of her religious parents and I mostly only listened to Spanish pop until the 7th grade.)

To say I’m a fan is an understatement. Attending one of her concerts was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever gotten to witness and I would love to be a part of the crew that puts it all together. Katy, if you’re reading this and need someone to help you on your next tour – holla at yo girl.

katy cat

Mindy Kaling.
Let’s get straight to the point of why you’re here.

I’m positive Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.
“Pam, how do you know that? You’ve been fan-girling over all these other women – what makes Mindy so special?”
First off, HOW DARE YOU.
Second, let me explain myself.
You see, I didn’t know much about Mindy until her book and the title caught my eye while I was browsing in a bookstore a couple of years ago. I grabbed it and sat down to read the first couple of pages to see if it was worth purchasing.

“IS everyone hanging out without me? I was a sensitive kid too! I WASN’T COOL IN HIGH SCHOOL EITHER. HOW DOES SHE KNOW ME?!”

Mindy’s story telling and her quirky one liners fascinated me as I became engrossed page after page. I immediately walked up to the counter, threw money at the cashier and ran home to read the rest. (Just kidding, I paid like a normal human being but I needed to emphasize how desperately I wanted to keep reading the book in the comfort of my pillow fort at home.)

Later on she released The Mindy Project and obviously I had to binge watch that as soon as it became available on Hulu.

I’d love to spend a day with her gossiping about celebrities; like why Zayn left One Direction and come up with his potential solo album titles while inhaling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We could also spend the day online shopping, watching classic rom-coms and still inhale ice cream.

If I had the chance to meet Mindy, I’d definitely thank her for being herself and giving a voice to some of the concerns I’d often worry about.

mindy kahling

Also, Mindy. If you ever stumble upon this blog post I just want you to know that I think it’s BS that you aren’t a part of the Ghostbusters reboot because you called dibs on being a part of that cast back in 2011! I GOTCHO BACK GIRL.


Who would be your top 5 favorite people to hang out with?

Sidenote about my title: 
If you haven’t had a chance to see the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix, then you my dear friend are missing out on one of the greatest theme songs in TV (streaming) history.
It combines my two favorite things: Catchy songs and mashups ala Youtube. (Think, “Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife”)


Weekend Warriors: A Night Out With The Awkward Adults

This week’s Collab is dedicated to those nights where we’re all reminded why we are friends with certain people. The nights when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you’re extremely happy to be surrounded by like-minded people, that will sing along to Beyonce or dance away from accidentally photobombing a stranger’s picture.

A typical night out for our little trio starts off like this:

Getting ready:
Pam: So I think we have a similar pattern, we’re very hyper about the fact that we get to hang out together and we’re usually listening to some sort of Spotify playlist. We’re not the typical “get ready in high heels while pregaming vodka shots” girls, we just like to talk about anything under the sun and listen to music.

Kristen: Pregame. Very Important. Normally it’s a few beers; if we’re in a hurry a shot or two, but definitely necessary in going out to deal with the masses who are not. on. our. level. (Pam: When have we pregamed??) (Kristen: Fine – I always pregame.)

IMG_4939 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

This is a result of pregaming before the wonderful Wurstfest. We sang this song over and over, our harmonies are what I believe some would say, “on point”.

Takin’ the Town by Storm:

Ale: We are a threesome (Pam: non sexual)(Ale: I thought about putting that!) that loves to dance and sing very loud in route to our next adventure. We tend to drink lot’s of cider and tequila until epic moments occur. The best way to describe us would be in phases:

  1. Beers. Always beers. (Ale: Unless this is a SXSW Yahoo! party, then wine, all the wine).
  2. We hear a song we love, or all know and we nod. Or dance. Depending on the level of buzz we got going on. (Kristen: Unless you’re me. I’m always ready to dance.)
  3. Night goes on. Epic dance moves and singing begin. Whether it’s TSwizz, Aly & AJ or Whitney Houston, some tremendous high notes and ballads happen that should be presented for everyone to see (Ale: or at least that’s what I think when I am engulfed in the tune).

Pam: When we drink, I think we start off like any normal group of girls. (AKA lots of cider/beer)Then when we start drinking more, come the shots…

Kristen: “Did you say $1 shots? Pam he said $1 shots. Let’s go” So terrible but so cheap.

When we get our buzz on:

Dancing. Singing. Serenading. Repeat. (Kristen: Yasssss the singing. So many great memories. Or more like so many videos that result in “Ohhhh yeah! I forgot we did that.” I will never forget us drunkenly singing Potential Breakup Song into the wee hours of the night. #IWANNAGOBACK)

Pam will get hyper, then sleepy. (Pam: Alcohol has the worst effect on me ever. Instead of making me hyper it just slows me down. I think I need to constantly be moving in order for it to work it’s magic. NEED TO GET THOSE DANCE PARTIES STARTED.)
Kristen will start chatting with everyone, mostly the bouncers, and run away. (Kristen: I know deep down they want to be talked to by another random drunk girl. I’m doing them a service really.)
And Ale, well, Sandy (Pam: explain Sandy) (Ale: Sandy is my drunk alter-ego who likes to dance like a big booty hoe and think her shit don’t stink, more explanation will happen in a later post) (Kristen: Sandy is my faveeeeee. Did we name my alter-ego?) likes to dance to rap music. And Snapchat….a lot (Kristen: Next day snapchat review is the best).

For example take a look at these videos:


IMG 4977 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4976 (1) from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4975 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4973 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

Last Call: 
The night will end with us telling each other how awesome we think we are as a trio. We will say how much we love Austin and that particular night.

Occasionally, there will be a late night food run to soak in all the booze. Either Jimmy John’s or Taco Cabana will suffice.

And go our separate ways.

Next morning we will group chat, Snapchat, and voice message each other complaining about how that extra shot or beer was not a good choice. And the hangover is so real. (Kristen: We all know how I feel about hangovers.)

Hangovers and good memories aside, nights like these are always a fresh reminder of why we are friends. Everyone needs that night where they’ve had a little too much to drink and a whole lotta fun. Let your hair down loose this weekend and go grab a drink with your friends – or maybe 10.

Peace n’ Blessins,

The Awkward Adults