SXSW 2016: The Time FLOTUS Changed Me


So it is officially the end of March which means the sadness and realization that SXSW has come and gone is sinking in.

(Awhile back I chatted about why you be apart of this amazing festival. You can find it here)

I have to say this year was one that I will never forget and changed my life in so many different ways. Each year SXSW has a new adventure for me to take part in, and this year did not disappoint.

This will be a lengthy because so many things happened over the 10 days that I can’t hold anything back. So get comfy!

Although this was my 6th festival, this was the first year I attended any panels and/or keynotes that would personally apply to my career. I was so fortunate to attend the interactive portion of the festival on behalf of the company I work for. All I have to say is WOW.

I sat through a 5 hour workshop that specifically applied to my field of work. Let me tell you, I was so inspired, motivated, and eager to come back and present my information. I truly have found an area of the digital space that gets me excited, keeps my attention, and makes me hopeful for what’s to come. Guys, I laughed at tech related jokes because I understood the humor. Although I have only been in this industry a little over a year, I was not once confused on anything they were referring to. That to me was so exciting.

I got to show two coworkers/friends the city of Austin and the amazing things that SXSW has to offer. We Instagrammed our entire trip and I even had someone approach me that she recognized me from our Instagram. I had a Z-List celebrity moment there for a hot minute and I loved it.

Check out some of the pics below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.08.01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.05.19 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.05.50 AM

After the Interactive part of the festival was done, I took off my paisley crossbody and put on my Crew Chief snapback. I was ready to get started with the festival.

I am going to tell a story, so bear with me. I had a moment in life that I did not think would move me as much as it did.

Here’s a little back story: if you were not aware, the President and First Lady of the United States were keynote speakers at this year’s festival. When I heard about it I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see them at the festival. Personally, I was just geeking out to be in the same city as them.

I was lucky enough to be asked to help man the crowds for the FLOTUS panel. Then as my reward, I was able to attend it. I was going to be listening to the First Lady talk about empowering women with such STRONG women (Queen Latifah, Sophia Bush, Missy Elliot, Diane Warren). My feminist self was having a low key freak out walking onto the 4th floor of the Hilton.

The panel was so inspiring, more so than I thought it would be. All of them were so humble, and compassionate that it opened my eyes to so many things that I realized I was ignorant towards. Their passion for women’s rights, and equal rights was life changing. Check out 62 Million Girls.

At the end of the panel we were asked to help make sure everyone got out of the ballroom quickly and efficiently. As I was walked up to the stage to help advise people to leave, I realized that all the women, including the First Lady, were walking down taking pictures and chatting with everyone. As the First Lady came to where I was, something magical happened.

Guys, it was like the sea had split and it was just Michelle and I. She then reached her hand out for mine, and said to me dead in the eye “We need to empower women, you are the change!”

It was maybe a 5 second interaction, but man, it felt like a lifetime. I had tears in my eyes, which I could not wrap my mind around. I never in my life thought I would be moved by a handshake and a phrase like I did. Normally that stuff seems cheesy to me, not genuine, but something about the whole interaction struck a chord with me. No phone, no camera, nothing but the authentic memory of a sweet moment.  It’s a memory, a moment, in my life that I will tell my future children. It was something I checked off my bucket list that I didn’t even know I wanted to have on there.

The festival just got better from there. Unexpectedly hung out with 4 of my favorite bands, stumbled into seeing two bands I love (check out Turnover and Citizen), danced too many times to Troye Sivan, and missed Ron Pope for the 4th year in a row. I drank a lot of free drinks, ate way too much pizza, and rode the struggle bus more times than I like to admit. Even though I was sick for 90% of the time, I got to be with the people I adore in the city that changed me. Made new friends, got reacquainted with old ones, and danced with my bests.


I feel very fortunate to do this festival year in and year out. This one was one for the books and I cannot wait to start planning for 2017.

Keep things weird and go be the change AA-ers,

P.S. — McDonalds and YouTube know how to party and Fireball you kill me.


New Year, New Goals, New Shit.

Once again I feel like I’ve neglected my child for months. So much happened at the end of last year that I decided to embrace the present and ignore technology (okay that’s a lie, but I haven’t sat down at MY actual computer in months). My apologies once again, life has slowed down and will for the next couple months so expect something I’ve promised time and time again; frequent updates of what is going on in the life of Ale. So get ready AA-er’s. It’s happening, whether you’ve been eagerly waiting for this or not.



So now that we are officially into 2016, I decided to write about what everyone does: NEW YEAR NEW ME!

What will I aspire to accomplish this year that will evidently go unnoticed in a month?

Ah, my apologies, I am seeing the glass half empty. Let me start over.

In 2016, I am trying to actually hold myself to one resolution that has been weighing heavy on my heart. I’ve told many of my close friends about what I plan on doing and even though some say it’s what makes me “me”, I have to truly invest in this.

My resolution this year will be to care less.


Please let me explain.

I am a person that has always prided myself on the fact that I try to keep relationships when I feel strongly about them. I care so much about the people in my life. I also love meeting new people. Connections with humans is something unlike anything else. An addiction of some sort. I am such a people person, to me being surrounded by people gives me a rush.

Finding someone with similar interests or a connection of any sort I am drawn to them like a magnet. I get so excited to have conversations and memories with people that I sometimes feel I care a little too much. And in the end I get hurt.

I decided this year to not let that happen anymore. I am going to invest in the friendships and relationships that invest in me. I decided to not make myself sick over people who I know wouldn’t do the same for me.

As sad as this makes me to possibly lose friendships that I’ve had for YEARS, it needs to happen. Over the years the connection has dwindled. The urgency for one another and curiosity of each others personal lives has become superficial. There are only so many times I can text saying “I miss you! How are you?!” with crickets on the other end.

So it stops there. I have vented too many times about being let down by people that I need to stop letting it bring me down.

Over the past year, I have rekindled friendships I’ve missed and it has been so refreshing. This made me realize that being attached to friendships I had put on a pedestal for so long, may not be the healthiest for me emotionally.


So I am asking friends, family, whomever is in my life, to hold me to this. If I call you about how so and so did this and have the same conversation we’ve had before, remind of this. Tell me to let the relationship die, pick up the pieces and move on, you have so many other people in your life that care. Invest in them, drop the rest. (You can quote this exact phrase if you’d like, I support it).

I am not vowing to be a cold-hearted bitch, or stop caring completely, but I will care LESS about somethings and MORE about others.

I am so happy to be surrounded by some of the raddest, most caring, eccentric, bishes in the world that this resolution doesn’t seem unachievable.

Cheers to 2016 AA-ers, let’s vow to keep the best people in our lives and say peace out to the rest.

Much love,


My So Called Personal Brand

The Internet is the best/worst thing that has happened to the 21st century. When I think about the Internet in reference to my life there are not many memories that do not have it being a prominent factor for different milestones.  I mean come on I work on a website now, my life revolves around the internet.  As pathetic as that is, the Internet and social media are in the forefront of almost everyone’s lives. Conversations and social settings are filled with people trying to get the best Instagram picture with the coolest filter, or tweeting something clever enough to get retweeted by your favorite star (I am 100% guilty of this so no judgement).

There’s an app out there called Timehop. The point of this app is to look at all of your social media accounts over the years. It essentially gives you constant #tbt material to put out for the world to read. Remember how you used to post a Facebook status like “is tiredddddddd” or an Instagram of a Blueberry Cobbler from Salt like 5 years ago? Okay maybe that was just me, but now thanks to Timehop I am continuously reminded of the dumb things I put out there forever.

Last week I saw a status I posted 6 years ago about my mom. My mom and I had a very complicated relationship when I was in high school. I know a lot of teenagers go through the angsty teen years where their parents are “seriously the worst” *queue the eye rolls* but ours was a little different from that. I was malicious and relentless with making life for her something she hated. Seeing that status on my Timehop made me cringe. I put it out on there for the whole world to see that I hated my mom. And it lives out there. Forever. I understand that you grow up and the things you did 6 years ago do not make you who you are, but now that the Internet exists it is a constant reminder of the person you used to be.

Let’s just say, I am not overly excited about how I have represented myself over the past decade. All I can think about is how thankful I am Instagram and Snapchat were nonexistent when I went through my rebellious stage in high school. Unfortunately there are pictures on Facebook somewhere of me ontop of a counter with my shirt pulled up exposing my belly ring because I thought I was CoOoOoL. In this day and age those little things can make or break your future, which is so scary to think about. I cringe when I see people posting pictures of their beers or drugs, because this is your brand. Put out there what you want the world to know about you. Now I know I do not use my social platform to the potential I could. But I think it is something to consider, to be conscious of, when remembering the future of my personal brand. My reputation on the Internet.

This blog is a big step to put out there what I want the world to know about me. I am breaking down my wall to give the world my thoughts, passions, and opinions.

This is the future of my personal brand, I am in control and will make it what I want.

Be mindful AA-ers,
– A

Get the London Look…or Something Like It


this was a joke picture i sent to my mom because i liked my makeup. best one i could find of a full done face!

BEAUTY BLOGGERS RUN! Just kidding. But seriously, I am in no way claiming myself as a beauty connoisseur. One may call me an admirer, fan, amateur, but in no way am I here to say I’m expert to answer all your beauty questions.

My previous post talked about the wedding I was apart of and I was able to do some of the bridal party and the bride’s makeup. Over the past two years makeup and beauty have become something I care a lot about. I have been asked recently by friends and family what I use and how I apply certain things. Well readers, I am here to give you the deets. No way am I sponsored by these (because obvi, but I would gladly accept). It’s just my humble opinion on items I thoroughly enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.24 AM     Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.16 AM


I am a Lush addict. So I always moisturize with their moisturizer Celestial, which smells amazing and makes your skin feel like buttah.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.31 AM



This primer was suggested to me by a lady checking out at Ulta and I have so far been very pleased with her recommendation. The next month I got a sample of it in my *IPSY* (which if you haven’t subscribed for IPSY yet you’re missing out) and I feel like it was meant to be. Try it out peeps it works wonders!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.38 AM



This foundation powder is the greatest and has had the best coverage for my skin. I recently changed to this and I do not think I will ever go back. It may be a little pricey, but it’s lasts me a very long time!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.10.45 AM



Once again, I switched over  to Mac coverage and this stuff covers up EVERYTHING. I tend to get dark circles under my eyes, and I HATE it. This lightens up under my eyes and covers any blemishes that may pop up. I apply concealer after foundation just to cover up what the powder couldn’t.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.08 AM


Thanks again IPSY for opening my eyes to the greatness of this bronzer. I hate looking orange, and for the LONGEST time I could not find a bronzer that gave me a golden hint but not enough to be overly noticeable. This fit my beauty needs to a T.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.15.06 AM



IPSY can take all the credit for a lot of my beauty habits. This blush is the perfect shade of pink. And the shimmer that it gives me is the right amount of rosy for the day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.26 AM


$54.00 each

I don’t think I’m the only one who loves the Naked Palette’s. The color combo for the Naked and Naked 2 are perfect for me. I am a person who does more neutral tones with some shimmer, so the variety between these two meets everything I would need.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.34 AM



This applicator I have found is the easiest and gives me the perfect line across my eye. Liquid liner used to terrify me and after lots of practice I can only wear it. Gives you that smooth line and with different pressures you get a more dramatic or a perfectly subtle pop to your eye. Love love love this!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.11.41 AM



GUYZ. This is the one I have to rave and rave about. I get asked daily how I get my eyelashes so full and long when I really don’t apply too much mascara. THIS STUFF IS IT. It goes on white and attaches to your lashes and make them look fake every time. Let’s just say I have applied this to friends who have essentially no lashes and POOF they were full and luscious in no time. If you take anything from this post get this, it’s worth every penny. Apply *MAC EXTENDED PLAY MASCARA* and you are golden! I stand by this combo, so go get it!

Final touch you always need a fun lip. I never leave for a night out without a red or dark red lip. During the day I usually just wear lip balm and keep it simple. These are my recommendations for those sassy-red lip-classic things you all like:



*J.CAT WONDER WONDER LIP PAINT*-The only problem with this is that it gets MESSY but a little goes a long way!-

Okay readers that’s all I got for ya! My first recommendation would be to go subscribe to IPSY and get some samples of products. I am advocate for this company and what they have done to step up (and care about) my beauty game! It has done wonders for the past 2 years.

Stay cool (and beautiful) kids,

Weekend Warriors: A Night Out With The Awkward Adults

This week’s Collab is dedicated to those nights where we’re all reminded why we are friends with certain people. The nights when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you’re extremely happy to be surrounded by like-minded people, that will sing along to Beyonce or dance away from accidentally photobombing a stranger’s picture.

A typical night out for our little trio starts off like this:

Getting ready:
Pam: So I think we have a similar pattern, we’re very hyper about the fact that we get to hang out together and we’re usually listening to some sort of Spotify playlist. We’re not the typical “get ready in high heels while pregaming vodka shots” girls, we just like to talk about anything under the sun and listen to music.

Kristen: Pregame. Very Important. Normally it’s a few beers; if we’re in a hurry a shot or two, but definitely necessary in going out to deal with the masses who are not. on. our. level. (Pam: When have we pregamed??) (Kristen: Fine – I always pregame.)

IMG_4939 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

This is a result of pregaming before the wonderful Wurstfest. We sang this song over and over, our harmonies are what I believe some would say, “on point”.

Takin’ the Town by Storm:

Ale: We are a threesome (Pam: non sexual)(Ale: I thought about putting that!) that loves to dance and sing very loud in route to our next adventure. We tend to drink lot’s of cider and tequila until epic moments occur. The best way to describe us would be in phases:

  1. Beers. Always beers. (Ale: Unless this is a SXSW Yahoo! party, then wine, all the wine).
  2. We hear a song we love, or all know and we nod. Or dance. Depending on the level of buzz we got going on. (Kristen: Unless you’re me. I’m always ready to dance.)
  3. Night goes on. Epic dance moves and singing begin. Whether it’s TSwizz, Aly & AJ or Whitney Houston, some tremendous high notes and ballads happen that should be presented for everyone to see (Ale: or at least that’s what I think when I am engulfed in the tune).

Pam: When we drink, I think we start off like any normal group of girls. (AKA lots of cider/beer)Then when we start drinking more, come the shots…

Kristen: “Did you say $1 shots? Pam he said $1 shots. Let’s go” So terrible but so cheap.

When we get our buzz on:

Dancing. Singing. Serenading. Repeat. (Kristen: Yasssss the singing. So many great memories. Or more like so many videos that result in “Ohhhh yeah! I forgot we did that.” I will never forget us drunkenly singing Potential Breakup Song into the wee hours of the night. #IWANNAGOBACK)

Pam will get hyper, then sleepy. (Pam: Alcohol has the worst effect on me ever. Instead of making me hyper it just slows me down. I think I need to constantly be moving in order for it to work it’s magic. NEED TO GET THOSE DANCE PARTIES STARTED.)
Kristen will start chatting with everyone, mostly the bouncers, and run away. (Kristen: I know deep down they want to be talked to by another random drunk girl. I’m doing them a service really.)
And Ale, well, Sandy (Pam: explain Sandy) (Ale: Sandy is my drunk alter-ego who likes to dance like a big booty hoe and think her shit don’t stink, more explanation will happen in a later post) (Kristen: Sandy is my faveeeeee. Did we name my alter-ego?) likes to dance to rap music. And Snapchat….a lot (Kristen: Next day snapchat review is the best).

For example take a look at these videos:


IMG 4977 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4976 (1) from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4975 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

IMG_4973 from Ale DiRenzo on Vimeo.

Last Call: 
The night will end with us telling each other how awesome we think we are as a trio. We will say how much we love Austin and that particular night.

Occasionally, there will be a late night food run to soak in all the booze. Either Jimmy John’s or Taco Cabana will suffice.

And go our separate ways.

Next morning we will group chat, Snapchat, and voice message each other complaining about how that extra shot or beer was not a good choice. And the hangover is so real. (Kristen: We all know how I feel about hangovers.)

Hangovers and good memories aside, nights like these are always a fresh reminder of why we are friends. Everyone needs that night where they’ve had a little too much to drink and a whole lotta fun. Let your hair down loose this weekend and go grab a drink with your friends – or maybe 10.

Peace n’ Blessins,

The Awkward Adults

Philadelphia Freedom

“I love the dignity in the name Philadelphia, but at heart, we’re Philly” — Lisa Scottoline

This past weekend I went back to the city where my parents met, where I was born, and where some of my fondest memories are: Philadelphia, PA.  I am a person who is so proud to have my roots embedded into this city. The sports, the culture, THE FOOD (ugh the food). Every aspect of it is intoxicating and I get giddy every time I visit.

This weekend started off a little crazy, a little off wire, but in the end it could not have been more perfect. Please let me explain:


I plan to leave IN at 3:55PM from the Fort Wayne airport. I leave work a little early and am expecting when I get there to get on the plane off to Detroit. I arrive at the airport, get to my gate, and notice that no one is boarding yet. I say to myself: “Okay, I have some time to sit and relax before get onto the flight.”

I put in my headphones and start blasting my new Spotify playlist. They announce the inevitable over the intercom that the flight will be delayed what they “think” only for an hour.

I sit there thinking “Okay, my  connecting flight doesn’t leave until until 8:25 I’m good.”  At this point I was eavesdropping on these two ladies conversating about how this happened to them before in Philly and they just drove to their next destination. I felt the need to jump in and tell them that the drive to Detroit is only a little over 2 hours. This sparked a bigger conversation and we all decided to caravan to Detroit from Fort Wayne so we could make it to our connecting flight in the knick of time.

I am avid snapchatter so I had to take this to send out to the world about my adventures when traveling. It never cease to amaze me!


We had to stop for a picture before running like mad men through the airport!

These ladies were the sweetest to me. They all had come to Fort Wayne for a conference and took me in like a lost puppy. Well, I guess I wasn’t the lost puppy since I was the navigation system and personal DJ for the trip. But in the end I made some new friends and a story to tell. I am so happy that I can put myself out there to meet new people and experience these treasures. I made my connecting flight thanks to them and got to spend that extra night with my family which otherwise would not have happened. So to the ladies from LF, thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting this weirdo who eavesdropped on your convo and hitchhiked to DTown. Hope to see you all soon! (I gave them the link to the blog because obviously).

The weekend:

Got to spend time with my cousins and it was great. When I am out there it is normally in the winter and Christmas, and  running around always takes over. It was really nice to just relax by the pool, catch up and be active with my family. Not something I get to do very often. An impromptu Big Sean & J. Cole concert, graduation celebrations and birthday parties made for an epic weekend.

My Momma is the coolest (and tannest) person I know. Can’t help but smile when she’s around.


My goofy little man Tomas. He would not take the picture otherwise.



Love that I was able to experience this night with my family (and extended family).


Here are some videos to recap the weekend:



My cousin and his Fiancé invited me to hang with them at the J. Cole and Big Sean concert. So we obviously had our tequila confidence to help us dance.

My cousin Lou is always the life of the party with his happy feet. I had to capture this moment to keep it forever. 74 and still kicking, literally.

Celebrated my nephews birthday with my Mom’s side of the family with the best minion bash EVER. Love getting to experience these moments together as a family.

All in all, as I sit here back in Fort Wayne all I can think about is being back with them. It went by way too fast and I feel every time I go it’s never long enough. Family is forever and they are the main thing that keeps my heart beating. From my Nonna’s cooking to my Grandmom’s “whatchamacallits” the second I leave Philadelphia soil, I’m itching to get back.

Wait is it December yet?

Stay cool kids,


Stop. Collaborate and Listen: Throwback Thursday — Music Edition.

In this installment of Stop. Collaborate and Listen, we decided we wanted to sit down and kick it old school. We each gave our low down for our favorite past, present jam and most anticipated albums. Songs and ridiculous banter included. Let’s rock out!

Kristen’s throwback album: Fefe Dobson’s — Self-titled album
Favorite Song on The Album: (THIS IS HARD) “We Went For Ride“. Songs gives me feels.

Yooooo this was my first CD ever and also my middle school JAM. I probably still know the words to (almost) every song.
Ale: I know the name but why can’t I think of what the popular song is?
Kristen: Lemme help you girl! “Take Me Away” and “Everything” were two of her most popular ones.

Kristen’s Current Album Fave: Paramore (another self-titled)
Favorite Song: Damn… Probably “Ain’t it Fun

Kristen: This album came out at a perfect time in my life. I needed to hear “Last Hope”. I needed to dance my but off to “Ain’t it Fun”. Two years later and I can still jam to this every day if I wanted to.
Ale: I have a vine of you dancing to this album at the pre-launch party Pam hosted at Wake the Dead. OH THE MEMORIES. WE WEREN’T EVEN CLOSE THEN. Crazy stuff.
Kristen: WHAAAAA?! really?!
Pam: “Still into you” is SO good!! Definitely jamming that right now.
Ale:Interlude: Moving On” is a jam and I was so happy they played this live!
Kristen: I love allllll the interludes! Yaaaussss

Kristen future album: The Rocket Summer

Kristen: I’ve been craving a new release from Bryce Avary for a while. He will always be my favorite artist. When I hated my job, I used to listen to “Waiting” on repeat as I drove into work! And every time I have to make a difficult drive home I like to listen to him.
Ale: Oh The Rocket Summer. I love me some “Brat Pack” (currently listening!)
Kristen: I have this old video of me and two of my hometown friends jamming to that in the car. AH memories!
Pam: I’ve witnessed this video and seen Kristen lose her shit during a TRS concert. Both are AMAZING.
Ale: Sooooo you’re saying I need to see this. Got it. Kristen TRS concert is in our friendship future.
Kristen: Also, have I told you my Bryce Avary/SXSW story? It was the same year I met NJ!
Ale: Next hangout discussion.


Ale Throwback Album: NSYNC No Strings Attached”
Favorite Song off the album: “Digital Get Down”

Ale: I know every word, to every song, and will always put this on when in the car with my Mom so we can jam like it’s 2000. The fact that “Digital Get Down” is my favorite song at such a young age says so much…..well at least the digital part….not the webcam stuff…okay that may be weird now. Disregard.
Kristen: I love “Bye Bye Bye” But DGD is definitely a close second!
Pam: Is this the one with “Pop”? *desperately googles as all the NSYNC CDs blend together in her mind*
Ale: Nope! The one before it!
Kristen: “POP” IS MY JAM *dancing around in my chair y’all*

Ale’s Current Album: The 1975“The 1975 (Deluxe Version)”
Favorite Song off the album: “So Far It’s Alright”

Ale: So last week I got a tattoo (I’m sure I’ll do some sort of post about my tattoos) but the artist jammed this CD the entire time we were there and I forgot how much I loved this album. I’ve been really into the bonus tracks on this deluxe album (probably because I overplayed the album for a year). “Haunt//Bed” and “Fallingforyou” are amazing as well added to this deluxe. Stoked for future music from them!
Kristen: Only know of them really. Had to go to spotify for this one!
Pam: I will never understand the lead singer. “Noaksdhfakh, Petticoat! Never gonna give, never gonna give it no. Chocolateeeee”
Ale: Knew Pam was going to say that! I love me some Brit’s what can I say.
Kristen: Yasss me too. I need a british guy
Ale: Guys, you know the song really isn’t about Chocolate right?
Kristen: I don’t even know the lyrics!
Kristen: Okay cool. but what’s MOTA? ( i instantly regret this)
Pam: The wacky tabacky. (Mota is the spanish slang word for weed.)
Kristen: OHH. So you are down with that but when me and Ale try to say demon leaves you don’t know what’s up!
Ale: This whole convo is why we’re friends.
Kristen: Pretty much!
Pam: Well I don’t listen to that podcast and demon leaves sounds crazy to someone who doesn’t listen! Mota is a term I’ve known since my El Pasooo days.
Pam: Well.

Ale’s Future Album: Phoebe Ryan and Grace full Lengths.
Ale: Everyone should take a minute and go listen to Phoebe Ryan’s EP “Mine”–specifically “Homie” and Grace’s EP “Memo” — specifically “Memo (Boyfriend Jeans)” Both of them have super unique voices and lyrics are killer. I want more! These EP’s were just teasers for the amazing-ness to come with a full length.


Pam’s Throwback Album: All Time Low’sNothing Personal
Favorite song off the album: Lost in Stereo

Pam: OH MAN. I recently rediscovered this album and I immediately remembered all the good times I had while listening to these songs. I had really liked their “So Wrong, It’s Right” album, but I really grew to appreciate ATL as they made video updates for “Nothing Personal”. It was great to see this band go through the recording process and release such a fun album. “Weightless” was released and I was immediately obsessed. I will lose all my chill if you ever play the live version of “Lost in Stereo” near me.
Ale:Lost in Stereo” is one of my favorites to jam out to at their shows. Along with “Stella”.
Kristen: I never listened to ATL really. They were always a band that I just kinda happened to see live. Idk but I only know “Weightless” and “Damned if I Do Ya” *Kanye shrug*
Ale: Their “Future Hearts” album may be my favorite of theirs.
Kristen: But you know… I’ve been listening to them more lately and I think this might be the latest I’ve ever been to the party.
Ale: Better late than never!
Pam: I’m so happy we now all have the ATL feels. Forever. Ugh. I love them so much.

Pam’s Current Album: Katy Perry’s — Prism
Favorite song off the album: Walking on Air

Ale: THAT SONG IS MY JAMMMM. love me some Prism.
Pam: This album in my opinion is FLAWLESS. It’ll always be in my top 5 because it came into my life at such a good time. I was on my last semester of college and I dreaded everything about becoming an adult. This album provided me with the perfect escape from reality. It has some jams, some fun songs and “By the Grace of God” makes me cry every single time I listen to it. This album was the first CD I put into my first car and I played it every day as I learned to navigate myself to and from work. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing Ms. Perry perform the majority of this album on the Prismatic World Tour and I nearly died out of happiness.
Ale: Katy Perry performing “By the Grace of God” at the Billboards or Grammys….TEARS. ALLL THE TEARS.
Kristen: NGL I really only listen to her singles. But I can jam to some “California Gurls”
Pam: KRISTEN. You should definitely try to listen to the album as a whole and then let me know what you think. It’s very pop, but I’m interested in your feedback.
Kristen: One day. I’m thinking about going through One Direction’s discography first. 😉
Ale: 1D’s “Four” album is the only one to pay attention to. Just sayin’
Pam: Are you f*cking kidding me?! 1D?! I agree with Ale if you want to listen to them.
Kristen: I like three songs off of Midnight Moonlight or whatever it is. Fun fact “Zane’s high note” is one of my google searches PAM GET OUT I KNOW IT’S SPELLED WRONG.
Kristen: Have you seen him. I do recall a text message from you that says “Nooo the hot one left 1D”
Pam: 1D is a hot mess right now. *Demi Lovato voice* “I really don’t care!”
Kristen: You’re a mess right now. She said that?
Pam: It’s a song by herrrrr!
Kristen: OH
Pam: I would say let’s leave this 1D discussion off the post cause it’s a hot mess and mostly I don’t want that TAINTING MY PERFECT KATY PERRY LOVE NOTE. *MUAHAHAHAHA*
Kristen: 😦
Pam: But seriously. Give Katy a listen between your boy band listens! Give her a chanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Pam’s Future Album(ish): Demi Lovato’s upcoming CD.
Favorite song off the album: “Cool for the Summer

Pam: Technically she hasn’t announced a new album or date yet, but I’m really diggin’ her new sound with “Cool for the Summer!” I’m very interested to see what artistic approach she’s taking on this new album. Especially because she’s writing from her “perspective” now, or that’s what a Billboard article claims. What does that meaaaaan?
Also, can I give a shout out to all the good songs Selena Gomez is putting out right now?? I see you!

Expect more of our favorites, throwbacks and all around chatty banter will be happening in weeks to come.

Until next time lovely AA-ers….