My Neverending List of #fails: Part I

Somewhere on the internet there is a quote from Steve Carell that sort of goes like this: Comedy is being good at being bad at things. Or something about failure is funny. I don’t know I couldn’t find it in my ten minute Google Search…so, whatever. It stuck with me for so many years (this was during the press junket for Get Smart so obvi a long time ago) and I reference (incorrectly) it all the time: in writing, in life, whenever I fail hysterically at something, which is often. Hence this list.

My incomplete list of total and complete fails in no particular order:

  1. The Real reason I don’t cook more often. Moral of the story don’t leave a boiling pot unattended for more than a few minutes. (or ever idk. I mean can i live?)Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.28.27 PM
  2. That time I yelled at Julia Stiles.
  3. That time my roommate and I had a sick ass Bar B Q
  4. That time I cried meeting Jake Bundrick
  5. That time I almost cried the second time I met Jake Bundrick
  6. That time I cried meeting Bryce Avary
  7. Anytime I’ve cried meeting anyone
  8. That time my mom asked me how I knew what “choke the chicken” meant
  9. That time I tried to do that thing and then failedScreen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.28.51 PM
  10. That time I told Jason David Frank that I watched Power Rangers until I was 13.
  11. That time I tried to impersonate a stripper and fell off the railings
  12. The Twilight phase
  13. That time I yelled out at an Ellie Goulding show “Wooo yeah Guns and Roses” When she in fact said “This one’s called  “Guns and Horses”.
  14. That time a band member called me out for dancing so hard
  15. That time I wore a Fedora
  16. High School in general
  17. Whatever is happening here                                        .Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.29.15 PM
  18. Every time I log into Myspace (yes that still happens)
  19. My customized Myspace page
  20. That time someone asked me if I was going to Big Bend and I said “Oh no, I don’t have a passport.”                                                                               youtried

Everyone has those days, those brain-fart moments, or times where all they want to do is forever insert their foot in their mouths. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it and move on. When the people start to laugh, chin up and join in.



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