Stop. Collaborate and Listen: Throwback Thursday — Music Edition.

In this installment of Stop. Collaborate and Listen, we decided we wanted to sit down and kick it old school. We each gave our low down for our favorite past, present jam and most anticipated albums. Songs and ridiculous banter included. Let’s rock out!

Kristen’s throwback album: Fefe Dobson’s — Self-titled album
Favorite Song on The Album: (THIS IS HARD) “We Went For Ride“. Songs gives me feels.

Yooooo this was my first CD ever and also my middle school JAM. I probably still know the words to (almost) every song.
Ale: I know the name but why can’t I think of what the popular song is?
Kristen: Lemme help you girl! “Take Me Away” and “Everything” were two of her most popular ones.

Kristen’s Current Album Fave: Paramore (another self-titled)
Favorite Song: Damn… Probably “Ain’t it Fun

Kristen: This album came out at a perfect time in my life. I needed to hear “Last Hope”. I needed to dance my but off to “Ain’t it Fun”. Two years later and I can still jam to this every day if I wanted to.
Ale: I have a vine of you dancing to this album at the pre-launch party Pam hosted at Wake the Dead. OH THE MEMORIES. WE WEREN’T EVEN CLOSE THEN. Crazy stuff.
Kristen: WHAAAAA?! really?!
Pam: “Still into you” is SO good!! Definitely jamming that right now.
Ale:Interlude: Moving On” is a jam and I was so happy they played this live!
Kristen: I love allllll the interludes! Yaaaussss

Kristen future album: The Rocket Summer

Kristen: I’ve been craving a new release from Bryce Avary for a while. He will always be my favorite artist. When I hated my job, I used to listen to “Waiting” on repeat as I drove into work! And every time I have to make a difficult drive home I like to listen to him.
Ale: Oh The Rocket Summer. I love me some “Brat Pack” (currently listening!)
Kristen: I have this old video of me and two of my hometown friends jamming to that in the car. AH memories!
Pam: I’ve witnessed this video and seen Kristen lose her shit during a TRS concert. Both are AMAZING.
Ale: Sooooo you’re saying I need to see this. Got it. Kristen TRS concert is in our friendship future.
Kristen: Also, have I told you my Bryce Avary/SXSW story? It was the same year I met NJ!
Ale: Next hangout discussion.


Ale Throwback Album: NSYNC No Strings Attached”
Favorite Song off the album: “Digital Get Down”

Ale: I know every word, to every song, and will always put this on when in the car with my Mom so we can jam like it’s 2000. The fact that “Digital Get Down” is my favorite song at such a young age says so much…..well at least the digital part….not the webcam stuff…okay that may be weird now. Disregard.
Kristen: I love “Bye Bye Bye” But DGD is definitely a close second!
Pam: Is this the one with “Pop”? *desperately googles as all the NSYNC CDs blend together in her mind*
Ale: Nope! The one before it!
Kristen: “POP” IS MY JAM *dancing around in my chair y’all*

Ale’s Current Album: The 1975“The 1975 (Deluxe Version)”
Favorite Song off the album: “So Far It’s Alright”

Ale: So last week I got a tattoo (I’m sure I’ll do some sort of post about my tattoos) but the artist jammed this CD the entire time we were there and I forgot how much I loved this album. I’ve been really into the bonus tracks on this deluxe album (probably because I overplayed the album for a year). “Haunt//Bed” and “Fallingforyou” are amazing as well added to this deluxe. Stoked for future music from them!
Kristen: Only know of them really. Had to go to spotify for this one!
Pam: I will never understand the lead singer. “Noaksdhfakh, Petticoat! Never gonna give, never gonna give it no. Chocolateeeee”
Ale: Knew Pam was going to say that! I love me some Brit’s what can I say.
Kristen: Yasss me too. I need a british guy
Ale: Guys, you know the song really isn’t about Chocolate right?
Kristen: I don’t even know the lyrics!
Kristen: Okay cool. but what’s MOTA? ( i instantly regret this)
Pam: The wacky tabacky. (Mota is the spanish slang word for weed.)
Kristen: OHH. So you are down with that but when me and Ale try to say demon leaves you don’t know what’s up!
Ale: This whole convo is why we’re friends.
Kristen: Pretty much!
Pam: Well I don’t listen to that podcast and demon leaves sounds crazy to someone who doesn’t listen! Mota is a term I’ve known since my El Pasooo days.
Pam: Well.

Ale’s Future Album: Phoebe Ryan and Grace full Lengths.
Ale: Everyone should take a minute and go listen to Phoebe Ryan’s EP “Mine”–specifically “Homie” and Grace’s EP “Memo” — specifically “Memo (Boyfriend Jeans)” Both of them have super unique voices and lyrics are killer. I want more! These EP’s were just teasers for the amazing-ness to come with a full length.


Pam’s Throwback Album: All Time Low’sNothing Personal
Favorite song off the album: Lost in Stereo

Pam: OH MAN. I recently rediscovered this album and I immediately remembered all the good times I had while listening to these songs. I had really liked their “So Wrong, It’s Right” album, but I really grew to appreciate ATL as they made video updates for “Nothing Personal”. It was great to see this band go through the recording process and release such a fun album. “Weightless” was released and I was immediately obsessed. I will lose all my chill if you ever play the live version of “Lost in Stereo” near me.
Ale:Lost in Stereo” is one of my favorites to jam out to at their shows. Along with “Stella”.
Kristen: I never listened to ATL really. They were always a band that I just kinda happened to see live. Idk but I only know “Weightless” and “Damned if I Do Ya” *Kanye shrug*
Ale: Their “Future Hearts” album may be my favorite of theirs.
Kristen: But you know… I’ve been listening to them more lately and I think this might be the latest I’ve ever been to the party.
Ale: Better late than never!
Pam: I’m so happy we now all have the ATL feels. Forever. Ugh. I love them so much.

Pam’s Current Album: Katy Perry’s — Prism
Favorite song off the album: Walking on Air

Ale: THAT SONG IS MY JAMMMM. love me some Prism.
Pam: This album in my opinion is FLAWLESS. It’ll always be in my top 5 because it came into my life at such a good time. I was on my last semester of college and I dreaded everything about becoming an adult. This album provided me with the perfect escape from reality. It has some jams, some fun songs and “By the Grace of God” makes me cry every single time I listen to it. This album was the first CD I put into my first car and I played it every day as I learned to navigate myself to and from work. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing Ms. Perry perform the majority of this album on the Prismatic World Tour and I nearly died out of happiness.
Ale: Katy Perry performing “By the Grace of God” at the Billboards or Grammys….TEARS. ALLL THE TEARS.
Kristen: NGL I really only listen to her singles. But I can jam to some “California Gurls”
Pam: KRISTEN. You should definitely try to listen to the album as a whole and then let me know what you think. It’s very pop, but I’m interested in your feedback.
Kristen: One day. I’m thinking about going through One Direction’s discography first. 😉
Ale: 1D’s “Four” album is the only one to pay attention to. Just sayin’
Pam: Are you f*cking kidding me?! 1D?! I agree with Ale if you want to listen to them.
Kristen: I like three songs off of Midnight Moonlight or whatever it is. Fun fact “Zane’s high note” is one of my google searches PAM GET OUT I KNOW IT’S SPELLED WRONG.
Kristen: Have you seen him. I do recall a text message from you that says “Nooo the hot one left 1D”
Pam: 1D is a hot mess right now. *Demi Lovato voice* “I really don’t care!”
Kristen: You’re a mess right now. She said that?
Pam: It’s a song by herrrrr!
Kristen: OH
Pam: I would say let’s leave this 1D discussion off the post cause it’s a hot mess and mostly I don’t want that TAINTING MY PERFECT KATY PERRY LOVE NOTE. *MUAHAHAHAHA*
Kristen: 😦
Pam: But seriously. Give Katy a listen between your boy band listens! Give her a chanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Pam’s Future Album(ish): Demi Lovato’s upcoming CD.
Favorite song off the album: “Cool for the Summer

Pam: Technically she hasn’t announced a new album or date yet, but I’m really diggin’ her new sound with “Cool for the Summer!” I’m very interested to see what artistic approach she’s taking on this new album. Especially because she’s writing from her “perspective” now, or that’s what a Billboard article claims. What does that meaaaaan?
Also, can I give a shout out to all the good songs Selena Gomez is putting out right now?? I see you!

Expect more of our favorites, throwbacks and all around chatty banter will be happening in weeks to come.

Until next time lovely AA-ers….


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